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Decks make a comfortable outdoor area for you and your family. A dull and boring deck gives your home an old and shabby look. You can enhance the vibe of your deck with simple lighting up gradation.

Adding lights to your deck will add value, beauty, and safety, and on top of that, the deck will look great at night. When it comes to illuminating your deck, there are several options for deck lights. Although many out there are poorly made and usually don’t last more than a year, there are some excellent options. You only need a little knowledge about what to look for in deck lights.

Here are a few tips on selecting the best glowing accent lights for your deck.

Always check the warranty of the lights when buying lights for the deck area. If you are looking for better quality lights, choose the ones with at least a 3- year warranty with IP67 waterproof and a wide range of voltage with ETL or UL.

As a contractor or homeowner, you should prefer the lights that have built-in LED bulbs because using a separate bulb can lead to many problems. Connectivity, finding the right bulb, consistency in light output, color, temperature and brightness are some very common problems.

So, find ones with LED bulbs built-in.

When buying lights for your deck, make sure they come with wire cables and fast connectors, which need to be waterproof. The thicker the gauge of the cable between the deck lights is, the more load you can use, the more consistent light output and less overheating.

Therefore, ensure a thick cable (18/2 AWG and up).

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This is one of the important questions that you must ask while buying deck lights. You can opt for one of the three options DC, AC and AC/DC.

DC – This means that you can only operate them with a DC transformer, and they cannot be operated with your landscape low voltage system. The major disadvantage with DC-powered lights is if one is not working, the rest of the lights will stop working as well. The main advantage of DC in-ground lights is that they are cheaper in price as they require less electronic modules than the AC.

AC – This means you can connect them to your existing landscape low volt system. Most landscape transformers are 12-volt AC, so you can tap as many lights as you want to the system (depending on the transformer’s watt capacity). AC is great for landscape lights because if one light stops working, it will not affect the rest of the lights.

Both AC and DC – These are the best lights to choose from if you want to enjoy both worlds. However, if you need to light your deck and are interested in a one-time installation without future upgrades, choose DC. If you need to upgrade and add more lights in the future, the best choice would be to choose AC/DC.

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For sitting areas such as patios and decks, make sure the lights you choose do not have much glare, as it can be uncomfortable for people to hang out near the lights. The best option would be lights with honeycomb or frosted glass to reduce the glare to a minimum.

LUMENGY has recently designed and manufactured beautiful, premium LED Deck Ambience Lights that are made out of the anodized aluminum shell with halo lighting. They can be installed in a wood deck, Trex, composite decking, in-ground or in pavers. They come with a very thick 36-foot waterproof wire cable, can be driven over, and has very minimal glare.

Whatever kind of lighting you decide, these tips will help you buy the best quality lights for your deck.

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