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Add Curb Appeal With Paver Lights

Nightime Curb Appeal with Paver Lights

Outdoor home improvement is more than fresh paint and new flower beds. Outdoor lighting is a great way to achieve a fresh look and enhance the nighttime curb appeal.

If you plan to build or renovate your driveway, patio, pool deck, or walkway with interlocking paving stones, adding lights is a must for your project. Here are six ways to enhance your home’s exterior to get its beauty noticed during the nighttime.

There are different ways to improve the look of your driveway, and the easiest one is to use lighting.

Lumengy Light-In-Pavers line creates warm, glare-free, and beautiful lighting. Comprising of 0.5x8, 4x4, 4x8, 8x8, 6x9, and 10x10 inch paver lights, a stainless-steel frame to support the weight and natural movement of the paving stone system, and thick 12mm tempered glass to support vehicular traffic and added frosted detail, these lights can be installed in driveways to make it warm and inviting. Multiple small LED’s can be added and spread evenly to create a consistent flat light effect.

Paver Lights

Pavers give a detailed and textured look to the driveway. You can opt for stone, concrete, or brick pavers to match the overall look of your house. Usually, when installing a new paver driveway, it is a common practice to add border stones. Aside from the contrast it adds, it is also used to support (in cement or edge restrainers) and enclose the interlocking paver system. Borders are ususally square or rectangle stones in different sizes. The top paver manufacturers (Belgard, Angelus, Orco, Olsen) have different border stones, and Lumengy has a unique paver light to replace the stone with a light version.

Paver in-ground lights are perfect for glowing accents along driveways and pathways. Lumengy paver lights are available in sizes of 0.5x8, 4x8, 6x9, 6x6, or 8x8.These lights can be used to highlight pathway borders.

When using lights, there are endless possibilities and ways to uplift exteriors. Lumengy Paver Lights can highlight patios, sitting areas, stairs, and walkways. You can also create a lit pathway going towards any specific area.

Paver projects often include walls and planters. You can highlight these elements by installing paver lights along the wall and near planters. Depending on your pavers’ border size, space the lights 4-8 feet apart. If you are using 4x8, 6x9, or 10x10, you can space them about 6-8 feet apart. Smaller sizes (0.5x8 or 4x4) can be spaced closer for better illumination.

Who doesn’t like an outdoor dining area where you can cook food, grill meat, and spend quality time with friends and family? The outdoor kitchen needs to be well-lit for optimum utilization. Lumengy 4x4 or 0.5x8 paver light can be used to highlight curves, accent paver borders, or placed randomly to create an abstract lighting effect. 4x4 or 4x8 paver lights can be used as a contractor lights.

Pathway Light


The paver installation process includes excavation, base, compaction, laying bedding sand, and then laying pavers (compact with polymeric sand). We recommend running a low voltage line on top of the compact gravel and below the sand. (Adding PVC conduit will make it more durable and allow new cables to be inserted easily.)

After running the main line from the transformer and laying the bedding sand inside, lay the paver lights in the approximate area where the lights will be installed. If you’re using a contractor, tell him where you are interested in putting the lights so he will consider it when installing the pavers (some pavers may need to be cut). After laying the lights along your border or other areas, it is recommended to test the distance at night (you can connect your contractor lights to your transformer, or you can connect a 9V battery to each light to test how well it works. 

After connecting each light to the main 12V line, you can continue to install the pavers around the area until finished with the paver light itself. Try to fit the paver light into the designated area, and if it’s not going in, use tools to push the pavers away and try again. The paver light is 55mm/2.2 inches high, so if necessary, add more sand and ensure the light is leveled perfectly with the rest of the pavers. Fill any gaps with sand or polymeric sand. You can then wet or use it immediately.


Paver Lights

Lumengy Paver Lights are waterproof and extremely durable. To enjoy them in years to come, follow these instructions:

Paver lights will go a long way if they are professionally installed and well taken care of. Investsmartly and create a cozy outdoor for your family.

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