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3 ideas for using In-ground Lights

In-ground Lights Ideas

Whether you are putting your property on the market or simply doing a much-needed renovation, you surely need to work on the curb appeal of your property. One of the simplest ways to enhance the exterior and increase the value of your property is through lighting.

While there are hundreds of lighting options, in-ground lights are great to up light exterior and highlight landscaping. In-ground lights are perfect for flat surface areas, soil, gravel, pavers, concrete, wood, or Trex.

Here are three simple ideas to increase your property’s curb appeal with in-ground lights.

Big trees, flowering shrubs and bushes, fountains and water features add to the visual appeal of the house. To make your landscape even more attractive, you can use in-ground lights to highlight the beauty of your plants and landscape features.

In-ground Lights

These lights can be fixed along walls, rails, near planters, fountains, walkways and driveways. In-ground light fixtures vary depending upon the element you want to highlight. For instance, to highlight a small plant, you can use a couple of 10W in-ground lights, whereas, for a big tree or water feature, you may need several high-power in-ground lights.

When choosing in-ground lights for the seating area, you must ensure as little glare as possible. You don't want to sit on your patio deck and have bright lights in your eyes.

You can accentuate exterior walls with in-ground lights. If the wall you plan to highlight is not near foot traffic, then it's okay to have wide angle and powerful lights. However, if it is around seating areas or foot traffic, you can use Lumengy in-ground lights with built-in honeycomb that narrows the light beam and reduces glare. Lumengy in-ground lights come in various sizes and light powers, and you can choose lights depending on the area and feature you want to illuminate.

Decks make the key feature in the home. Whether you have opted for a traditional wood or composite deck, you can upgrade this outdoor living space with in-ground lights. By upgrading the deck with proper lighting, you can create an additional living space where you can spend your leisure time, eat and relax.  

For deck installations, you should avoid very powerful lights (5 watts and up) or ones that output a lot of glare. Avoid cheap options that are not waterproof or will be destroyed quickly by the elements.

You can install in-ground lights along the rails or the edges to create a glowing accent. Lumengy Ring Ambiance Deck Light is an excellent option as it creates enough light to highlight your deck areas but also doesn’t give off a glare, thanks to its beautiful patent design.

Pavers are a go-to choice for creating driveways, walkways, and patios. Whether it is brick, concrete, or stone pavers, you can enhance their beauty by installing in-ground lights along the borders. 

You can accentuate your walls by using 6W or 10W in-ground lights for pavers along walls. These lights come in brown and stainless steel, and you can space them 8 to 12 feet apart to create a symmetrical visual interest. If you have planned a seating area around and don’t want glare, use the 10W with Honeycomb, or if it’s near sitting areas, you might want to use 1W Ring Halo Lights without any glare. Lumengy’s ring Ambiance in-ground light is another great option to highlight the glowing accents along the walls. If you’re planning to install paver stones along the walls or planters, another ambience lighting option is to use our unique paver lights series with various sizes and glare-free effects. Adorning walkways and driveways with ample lighting will not only add an attractive visual appeal, but it will also serve as a safety measure.  

Paver Lights

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