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Enhance Appeal with Paver Lights

Lighting is one of the most effective features that add value to your home’s exterior. It not only improves the curb appeal but ups the safety of the home. Certain architectural and landscape features can be highlighted with proper lighting.
Here are three creative ways to highlight walls and planters with lighting and make your home look more attractive and welcoming.

Under Wall Cap Downlights

Wall caps add the much-needed finishing touch to your walls. You can put lights under wall caps and enhance the beauty of your exterior walls.

Downlights are the most common lights for walls. They create a distinguished wall washing effect and are great for accentuating the surfaces.

The down-lights offer less glare, with more light covering the floor’s surface.  

For small planters, use hardscape lights with less than 100 lumens and place them 4-6 feet apart (you can use 4inch 0.5W ambiance hardscape light).

For walls over 2 feet high, you can use 2-3 watts hardscape lights and space them 6-8 feet apart.

If the wall cap already exists, and you cannot remove the cap, you can use Lumengy’s wall bracket, which comes as part of the FALCON and REPLACEABLE series. Drill two holes in the wall as close as possible to the cap, install the bracket, and hide the wire below the cap or behind the wall by drilling a hole to the other side and inserting the light wire.

hardscape lights

Use In-ground Lights

Inground lights are a great solution for highlighting walls, driveways, and pathways. The lights are usually installed inside pavers. If it comes with a PVC sleeve, insert the PVC first and then the lights since this will add extra protection for the light.

Install the lights 3-4 inches from the wall to maximize the amount of light on the wall.

The effect of in-ground lights differs from down-lights as the light beam shoots from the ground up to the sky. You can install 6 watts every 6-8 feet and 10 watts every 10-12 feet. (I recommend testing it out at night before you install it to check which space is best for you by moving the lights around and taking pictures.) These lights can be installed to highlight walls, planters, big trees, and water features.

In case there are restaurants or sitting areas in close proximity, and you want to avoid a possible glare, then use the honeycomb version, where the glare is reduced by using a honeycomb-like deflector.

hardscape lights

Paver Lights

Another creative way to highlight your wall or planter wall is to use paver lights. These lights are available in different sizes (six sizes - 0.5x8, 4x4, 4x8, 6x6, 6x9, and 8x8).

If you have pavers along your wall or a paver border in one of our available sizes, you are ready to go. Just replace the paver brick with paver lights and run the cable underneath.

If you don't have a border or your paver has different sizes, your contractor can cut some of the pavers to accommodate the paver light’s size.

Hardscape Highlight wall lights

Depending on your taste and preferences, you can install it every 3-8 feet. The sky is the limit for ideas and creative display of paver lights. One of our customers installed paver lights in a straight line to create a continued illumination. Let your creative juices flow and share with us your take on how you installed your paver lights.

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